Connecting Beer and Consumer

Beer is becoming a staple in the British culture, but as of yet nothing indexes this. With The Brewer’s Eye, we set out to change this behaviour.

The Problem

Craft brewing is a huge industry, and the rise of craft sees different needs arise from these new, and different, consumers. The Brewer’s Eye saw that the conventional apps like Untappd weren’t doing enough for the discovery of beers in different areas, and allowing people to track down beers in their local areas that matched their tastes.

The Solution

Initially briefed in August 2018 for an October 2018 launch, MakoLab built a full platform (both consumer application and backend administration application for both breweries and super administration) as well as Webview applications to ensure that the project was delivered in-time, on budget, and to the high standards required.

The application allows users to:

  • Discover breweries and taprooms in their local areas
  • Look at events close to them, and purchase tickets
  • Purchase beers directly from either the brewery or a third party
  • Report that they have drunk the beer and where they have drunk it
  • Favourite and follow their favourite breweries
  • Search for beer based on hops, flavours, locations and so on
  • And many more features

The application will be developed over the course of the latter of 2018 and early 2019 to include new and exciting features that will allow users to get even closer to the their favourite beers, flavours and tastes.


  • Client: The Brewer's Eye
  • Agency: MakoLab
  • When: 2018