Frictionless HR

Internal HR is an area that innovation often doesn’t touch. With Arup, we looked to change that.

The Problem

As a large business, Arup is required to create digital tools that can reach the mass of employees that they have. Currently, the employees have to be on-site, using their work machines, to be able to access the Microsoft Sharepoint platform in order to sometimes access critical HR data.

The Solution

Using a modified 4 week sprint, we ran a workshop with the Arup HR business partners that allowed us to scope a HR personal assistant that users can install on their devices (iOS or Android) that was connected directly to their single sign on (SSO). This meant the Arup employee was able to access this data anywhere, at any time, to their own volition.

And to add some further complexity? We allowed all the content to be indexed through voice. Using Google’s DialogFlow we created a smart voice assistant that learns over time different dialects, ways of speaking, and adapts to create better interactions.


  • Client: Arup
  • Agency: MakoLab
  • When: 2018