Creating an online only custom furniture business

Helping a UK based start-up to create an innovative 3D e-commerce solution that allows people to fully customise their own furniture products.

The Problem

We’ve all had that scenario. We’ve moved home and we want to make it our own. IKEA just doesn’t cut it, and a lot of the bespoke or boutique shops are sometimes a bit too expensive. Grain found this too, and they approached us at MakoLab to help them design the entire online business from start to finish. The biggest problem though was a tough one – how do you take the bespoke, custom experience of a carpenter or joiner, and allow that to happen over the internet?

The Solution

We worked with Grain on an end to end approach.

This started by working with them to create a full understanding of the business and potential customers through a full workshop process with them. Out of this I delivered:

  • Customer personas
  • User journeys
  • Wireframes
  • Needs requirements
  • Feature mapping

Once we had all this in place, we worked with the team at MakoLab to find the ideal solution to deliver to Grain exactly what would be needed by them to create a best of breed online business. We produced the entire platform using Magento Community Edition to power the entire CMS and backend. Additionally, we built a React frontend to allow the Grain team to upload custom 3D models that allow customers to change the size, colour, finish and many other features of their potential table.

The business is still in it’s infancy, but I expect to see very exciting things coming from Grain in the near future.