A man walks in to a bar

Ideating and validating new, innovative solutions for the use with Heineken backend systems and in Star Pubs and Bars.

The Problem

Heineken and Star Pubs (the chain arm of Heineken that owns and operates bars) were keen to understand how innovation can help change the service model that they offer within the bar area as well as on the approach to the bar. The biggest problem was understanding how we could integrate this in to existing systems, but then also understanding how data can be properly taken advantage of.

The Solution

I worked with The Bridge Group, and some senior stakeholders withing Heineken, to create the concept of The Pub of the Future. Earmarked to be tested in a rural Nottingham bar, I delivered the following:

  • Application prototype (tap through) using Proto.io.
  • Customer journey
  • Project scope and timeline
  • Application designs

The delivered concept was to be created using a rapid prototyping process and was taken in-house by the team at Heineken once initial concepts were delivered and validated.