Improving internal health and safety processes

An opportunity to use digital to transform paper processes whilst also reducing insurance premiums to businesses.

The Problem

If you’ve ever been into a Starbucks, McDonalds, Nandos or any other QSR you’ll notice every 15 minutes or so a manager walking around with a clipboard, pen and camera or smartphone. This is because they have to undertake a “TravelPath” – a regular walk around the premises to ensure everything is safe and there are no opportunities for slips, trips and any other injuries. I was tasked with the challenge of taking this regular, highly manual, paper process, and transforming it into something more user-friendly, digital and real-time, whilst allowing the end businesses to reduce their insurance premiums through proper and correct due diligence.

The Solution

Working with an off-shore team in Poland, I was brought in as the product strategist, product manager and also taking point on the UX and client management. From day one I worked closely with the senior stakeholders of the business (a franchise owner with Burger King and the interim-CEO) to understand the full process of the concept of a travel path (which included spending time behind the counter at Burger King Leicester Square!) and the process required.

Transferring this to a user journey I was then able to match digital facilitation against each part of the process, and understand how we could create a tool that would allow for the travel path to be transformed.

The first iteration was an NFC based check-in system that used Android smartphones. The frontend application would be linked to a backend system, that associates NFC stickers with a certain stage of the travel path, and during this the end user could also report exact locations and pictures of any hazards, points of interest and so on.

The backend system was built on an open source LAMP stack to allow for quick iteration, and the whole MVP was designed by me.

The overall deliverables from myself were:

  • Wireframes
  • Screenflow
  • Technical and functional specifications
  • Frontend designs for the android application
  • Product and project management

HNS Data is continuing to operate and works across a number of high profile businesses in Central London.