Creating a market led process and proposition

Getting your presentation right is never easy, and helping MakoLab redefine themselves was the basis of a successful 2017.

The Problem

MakoLab are a Polish based business who expanded in to the UK. They had a huge service offering, much more than many people who operate in their field, which meant that many potential clients looked at the business with a little confusion as to where they fit within the mix of the business. This proved to be a problem in the UK, with a saturated agency market and a high percentage of freelancers or other offshore companies vastly undercutting them and having a defined, finite service offering.

The Solution

The MakoLab board asked me to re-address the offering of the business to make it more user friendly but to also encompass all of the different service and product offerings available within MakoLab.

The first thing to do was to place all of these services and products in to “pots” – an easy way to distinguish the interoperability of the services and products against each other, and being able to map them onto a product journey.

Following this, I then mapped this to our customers’ journey and spoke to prospects that we were talking to at that time in order to see how they felt this offering came together.

In the end, we put the process in to the following four areas:

  • Explore
  • Validate
  • Create
  • Deploy

These service areas allowed any current customers, or prospects, to be able to associate themselves with a service area and quickly match their needs with MakoLab.

Additionally, I also introduced a modified Google Design Sprint process that spanned across 1, 3 and 5 weeks that allowed the business to take on lower value projects but be able to expand on output – allowing clients to have much more for their money, but giving us further insight into client businesses.

The overall deployment has been a success, with us seeing a huge uptake of customers in the UK following this straight forward and simple process.