Making excel data actionable and available

Excel is an absolute dream, but when it comes to managing thousands of data points, it can be cumbersome and not fit for purpose. We went back to basics on digital transformation.

The Problem

There comes a time when traditional processes just become too cumbersome for purpose. With Moss Bros, this was exactly the case – a lot of product data sheets, lots of printing out, and no particular way to cross-correlate this with customer sizes. Moss Bros needed a solution that would allow them to remove the excel sheets from the day to day process, but also is future proofed for implementation with other systems in the future.

The Solution

I worked with the team at Moss Bros and MakoLab to ideate the solution and to manage the end to end process. In the end we created a system that ran on a LAMP stack. This was delivered in two facets; a backend administration system for viewing entries and managing data, and a frontend Windows 8 application that was to be used by the store colleagues on their in-store tablets.

We created this project using a modified 5 week design sprint. During this project I delivered:

  • Account management
  • Product management
  • Product strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Scoping workshop
  • Requirements gathering
  • Technical due diligence

The project itself is currently in its final developments and should be operating in store Q3 2018.