From idea to POC in ten days

What happens when you combine a TOWIE star and a mobile app? You get MyPT – a new app to help Personal Trainers protect their time and manage their day.

The Problem

Lewis Bloor, of TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) fame, approached me during my time at MakoLab to support and aid them in getting the project to POC phase to assist them in getting together all the assets so they could to go out and get funding for their remarkably ambitious project.

The Solution

Working with Lewis I created an overarching business design and used this as the basis of the approach. Lewis had some good level of thinking, but the project would benefit from more focus to the key merits of the market for personal trainers and what they would regard as the key features for them.

Using this business design and strategy approach, I started work on bringing together Lewis’s vision by mapping out the high-level journeys that both the end user (the client) and the personal trainer (the customer) would take.

Once these were validated, I then moved into wireframing the POC core journeys so that the MakoLab development team had enough to work from, whilst also giving Lewis and his stakeholders a great deal to work from.

My PT is set to launch in early 2019.